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Hello there everyone that is reading my LJ and welcome to another post of the coon ;)

So whithout more chit chat lets get to the post itself ;)


Things for me sins I last posted in my LJ have been really good ^__^!!!!!! Things at work are prety well and I got the confirmation of my two weeks of vacations whitch I shall spent whit my lovely Mate Dan Wolf :D!!!

I also started to read alot of books and one of thoose is called (PUBLIC SEX: The culture of radical sex). I must say that at first when I baught this book the auther would be mostly be talking about the diferent kind of public sex that is know to the world but was I suprise when I found that the author was going mutch more deaper by talking about laws that where basiquely making (iligal) some sexual practice that most couples do like doing anal sex witch in 2000 said was iligal in some states in the USA do to a law cald the anal law O.o..... But I shall post a post another time to tell more about this wonderfull book. :)

On other things, my mate started his new job as manager of a NICO Video http://www.nikovideo.com/home_eng.php and he feel like there is not mutch to do but he still enjoy it (I think XD)

So enought about my life for now lets move now to the BIRTHDAY PART :D!!!!


So as every birthday sins the last 4 birthdays I always wanted to have nothing special to hapend on my birthday ^^;;...... As I aint like gething people in buying stuff for me ^^;;...

But of course friends always told me they wanted to selebrate my birthday ^^;;... And this year a litle silly wolf managed to plan a birthday day for me XDXDD A litle wolf called DUSK!!!!!!WOLF XDXDXDXDXD!!!!!

So tomorow afther I finished my work shift I shall leave whit Dusk wolf Mitch wolf and two other friends of mine and go shill at shina town to eat some wonderfull meals of phoboga :D||||||| Then go hang on parlement hill and play friebe and finish whitch a masive freezebe party whit over 20 peoples +++ and at 9PM go and finish the night in the arms of my woof ^__^!!!!!! *What happend afther is my own busines ;) Gigles so evely ^__^!!!!!!


Well the title says it all ;) On Canada day (If it does not Rain) I shall be fursuithing around whit lots of canadian flags and to entertaint the groud ;)

So to anyone that is watching this post and that would be in the region of Ottawa or gatineau and that you want to come and see the coon and even get a very BIG CANADA DAY HUG!!!!!!! *Shinies!!!!!* well aint be shy to come and say hi to the coon ^__^!!!!!

So that is all for now I hope that the coon dint bored you to mutch ;) XDXDXDD

So until the next post ^__^!!!!! 


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21 May 2008 @ 12:12 pm

Hello Everyone^^!!!!

Monday 19 me Dusk wolf and another of my furry friend and my mate Dan wolf have went to the tulip festival in Ottawa whit me wearing my suit^__^!!!!

I was more then exited already as it have been my mate that give me the surprise to tell me 2 hours before my chift if I wanted to go suit out in Ottawa whit friend.

So without any hesitation I said yes^^

But the only thing is that usually my suit those atrack some attention and tourist and so far my record have been about 70 to 80 people surrounding me taking pictures or videos.

But this time was different O.o……

Here is a quick resumey of everthing that happened

 1-     I meted a lady whit 3 of her young kids and after that I have played whit them for at least a good 20 minuts this lady told me that she was a scoler doing her (Doctora)*The diploma after a master) and that she made a CD of songs that where is talking about discriminations and talk to my friends and me (Wile I was still playing whit the kids^^!!) about the fact that we dint choose to be born in the country we wanted or choose are (Race) and by the same time asked me if I choose to be a raccoon witch I answered by a negative (To keep the kids in the magic).  Finely she hugged me as I whispered to her ear that she was really a wonderful person and she whispered to mine after saying that I was to . J

2-     It took us 30 minuts to walk the stairs right next to the US Embassy as there was just over 200 peoples in those stairs wanting me to take pictures whit them XDXDXD


3-     One very nice lady at one point started to scratches me very firmly on my coon neck and that point just make me started to purr like mad and she just have keeped doing that for a good 2 minuts as she did the same purring as I did^^



 When I was in the tulip festival I arrived in front of a man that was playing multiple instrument and I approached (Like a little animal)(On 4 paws) to go closers and just claping in my paws as he finished his show.

But then….

ALL THE TULIP FESTIVAL GROUND WHENT TO ME O.O!!!!!!!!! There was at least 400 PEOPLES!!!! But then I stayed there and our doing little tricks hugging kids and adults but at one point there was about 12 kids all around me (But really all around) And the….. They ALL started to pet me some saying (Good racoon) and then I felt so mutch and amount of overflowing joy that I could not hold a tear to go out as I went to my 4 paws so the kids could pet me better as I just started to purr and to do raccoon sound very loudly as all the ground said a massive (Awwwwwwwwwww) I then struggled for a good remaining 20 minuts to not literally cried like a baby so mutch I was happy ^^!!!

Millions of other things have happened to but for now that shall be enough I think ^^!!!!

But this moment will remain one of the best moments of my life :)

Until the next post

A happy social worker Raccoon


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21 April 2008 @ 08:18 am

Hello there everyone ^^!!!!

First of all I would like to welcome


Well it have been a wile that I dint post anything :P

LOTS!!!!! Have happen sins last time! And the reason why I post now is that I have 2 massive test today X_x and that I just have no focus to study more right now over my first test X_X (But I did study before today that is ;) 

So here is a little list of what happen mostly in my life these last weeks ;)!

Tax return

First I just got about a week a go a MASIVE :D!!!!! Tax return as I am a student and by the fact that my dad knows how well to do tax returns ^^!!! And whit that money I intend two things! :P 

1- Buy my uncle massive real red wood set of kitchen that is only 3 year old and that had a value of 3200$ at first O.o (He showmen me even the bill X_x) And he is letting it to me for 500$ O.O!!!!! So now I got a massive table that can allow 10 peoples including two other massive cuisine holdings thignies ^^;;... (My English is bad xD)

2- The second shall be of buying my mate a partial suit from furrhapens^^!!!! Sins I knew him and showed him my plans for my suit he just have been so crazy about getting one^^ Lets say that he shall have kite a surprise ;) (And he aint use live journal so my secret is protected!!!!! :D

Avorted shoothing at my school 

Yeap you readed well alright. on the 10 of April my school went in lock down mode as there was tree teenagers heading for the school whit visible guns. The good thing about my school is that do to shooting in big cities of Canada they invested over 300 000$ on security equipments that means that all doors of every DOORS of the school went locked automatiquely (including bath rooms) But we dint knew they where outside and I was the first one (and the only) to put desk in front of the door to barricade the hole thing and most people wanted to stop me or where laughing a bit. 

But when the alarms started to say (this is not a drill) many people paniqued as for me I took my dead grandfather cross that I always have around my neck and holded it tight as in less then a 5 seconds (and I aint know how I did that still O.o)I added 5 other desk)

After and hour of hearing alarms we where allow to go out as the suspect where arrested. The final report say the 3 teenagers one of 15 and a boy and a girl of 14 had no intention of coming to the school and there guns where actually pelets gun. (Witch is still a weapon in a way)


A day after everyone was telling to the other class that I was the one whit the best reaction and some started to call me there personal hero O.o… I answered by the negative as I said that I only did what I taught I should do.

Lots of new furry and non furry friends in my life^^

Wow XD!!!!! I just did a little calculation and my number of daily irl friends have almost triple in less the six months xD Without counting all the new friends I meeted over the net XD!!!!! 

That have its happy and its sad one as do to the fact that I have more friends its get sometime complicated to see them or finaly meet them during school :S So to all my friends out there that aint get alot of news from me just know that I dint forget ya (: and that you are always here in my taught and my heart ^^!!!!! In compensation I shall all give to ya millions of tons of hugles and snuggles whit or without my suit ^^!!!!!! 

But thanks to summer I shall be more free soon ^^!!!! Even if I start full time at my job ^^;;...

Well anyway :D!!!! I must go back to studies now O.o.....

And like I said before if you are reading this and wana know more about the coon msn me :D!!!!!!!!!!!

I am more then extremely sociable^^ (As I do study to be social worker so I am paid to be friendly witch is a thing I do at natural^^!!!) And I never judge anything that people says ;) And if you would happen to know someone that knows me IRL he will be able to second that notice xD

Until next post :D!!!


rhettfoxcoon to my live journal (: I hope that you will enjoy my to mutch masive long post^^!!! XD
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06 April 2008 @ 08:30 pm

Greetings there everyone :D!!!!!

Zets raccoon here ;)!!!

So!!!! Now that you must be here its for a reason right?

Maybe the reason are:

-Thats someone pointed you out to this LJ ;)

-That you just arrived on this LJ by mistake :P

Or any other reasons ^___^!!!!!!!

Whatever it is feel welcome to what I call my little space on the web :)!!!!

So I know there aint mutch for the moment and the reason is is that this is a new LJ and that I am right now in and end of session at school and that I am overloaded whit work and projects XD

So Il post more here later on.

BUT!!!!!! If you ever happen to be wondering any question about me feel free to post it here or to send me and email at bora_trunks@hotmail.com ^^

I shall reply back to you in a maximum delay of a week ^^!!!! *I get allot of email per weeks sometimes ^^;;;;;;;;*

So have a nice day everyone :D!!!!!!!!!